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Let’s Learn Together

Welcome On Board

An exciting journey is about to begin

The Lord Krishna Public School public society was committed towardsSetting up an institution that would provide excellence not only in terms of education, but also in terms of letting students of that institution understand global debate and concern. It was therefore very clear right at the beginning that the student would also need to acquire competencies and skills that would enable him to see the word as a stage to perform on.

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From the Director 

Why do we need to learn? And if we need to Indeed learn, how much should we a learn? When I was a student, I thought that a Little Learning made a lot of Sense. Today, I am much the wiser. Learning can be a weak trickle. And it can be a raging river.


"Empowering Minds, Illuminating Futures"

From the Principle

As principal, I teach. As a principal, I think actually learn much more Than I teach. And that is simply Because my year in education have taught me,(as they still do!) that only when we continue to learn, can we hope to grow. This is also the school's Philosophy. Knowledge should be embraced wherever it is found. And should be given to whoever treats And should be given treats it with respect.

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."

- Malcolm X


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Teenage Girls with Masks


January 5 - June 13, 2026

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Basketball Match


January 5 - June 13, 2026

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Lord Krishna Public School, Sagar Enclave, Station Road, Shikohabad


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